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  • Zhu Yuan The chief adviser

    Mr. Zhu is a dean at the talent division of the University of Science and Technology of China, and most importantly, he was the president and founder of SCIE,the Shenzhen College of International Education. SCIE was the first school accredited to administer theCIE, Cambridge International Examination, and to teach accredited British educational programming here in China. Almost a half of the new student positions that Oxford and Cambridge offer every year to Chinese students go to SCIE’s graduates. Not surprisingly, the success of Mr. Shu’s program has led to SCIE becoming the most famous high school in China. As a result, Mr. Zhu now is a highly respected, and well known international educational expert all across China.
  • Eric Wang Managing Headmaster

    Mr. Wang has more than 15 years of experience managing international education programming. Eric’s qualifications as an international education expert are drawn from the wealth of experience he developed in several different positions: as a professor at the Institute of Central Education Science,as theassistant to CEO of Fuyuan International Education, in working in the American School division for the Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School, as the assistant to the CEO of the Education Centre of the Yajule Group and as the Director of the International Division at Cambridge College in Shenzhen and as the vice-principal of Habo International School in Shenzhen. He was a co-founder of a two international schools in China, most notably: Fuyuan International School which have had great success. Eric began his career by studying in China and USA in earning an EMBA at Sun Yat-Sun University, and a master’s of education.
  • Mark Yang Headmaster

    Mr. Yang is an international education expert who has assisted many students in successfully applying to some top 50 schools that have a place on theQSworld rankings list, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, others in Canada and the United States and elsewhere. Mark has developedover ten years’ experience building and leading successful international high schools. Most notably Mark excelled as the dean’s assistant of the Shenzhen University Affiliated School (one of the most famous high schools in Shenzhen), in working as the Admissions Director of Cambridge College in Shenzhen, as the academic director of Shenzhen Ivy Education, and as the CEO of Yiteng International Education.
  • Robson Sun Academic Director and Educational Supervisor

    Sun Robsun, a Chinese born Canadian citizen, is the academic director of our school. He is an open, vibrant and knowledgeable professional possessing a great deal of experience both living and working in China and the west. For more than 10 years, Mr. Robson has also helped many students in applying successfully to many of the world's top universities, including: The University of Pennsylvania, The California Institute of Technology; The University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, Durham University; and ESCP, the top European business school located in Paris. Robson served in the International High School Department at Shanghai Normal University, in the International School affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the International Exchange Center of Sun Yah-sen University among other places. Robson graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai, and also earned a MBA from California State University D.H. in the United States.


    Within his rich teaching experience Robson has taught ESL English, business and economics around China and world. He has acted as a visiting scholar at Shanghai Normal University, was a ESL lecturer at the University of Toronto's St. George Campus, and a lecturer and advisor to foreign students at Centennial College in Toronto. He was also a senior lecturer and education supervisor, at the Tongji University affiliated International School where he taught a variety of subjects such as ESL, TOEFL, IELTS, economics, business, calculus and others.

  • Tim Thornton Native English Speaking ESL and IELTS Instructor

    Tim Thornton is a British national who graduated from Salford University in Manchester, England. He come to China in 2004, and has more than 20 years of first-hand ESL education and TEFL program management experience. Recently, Tim was the TEFL director at the Oxford English Center in Beijing, and he has also worked as an IELTS examiner. That invaluable experience gives Tim first-hand knowledge of how to most effectively prepare our students to pass the writing, listening / reading comprehension and speaking elements of the most highly respected English testing system in the world. Tim’s long ties to Chinese culture, both as a long-time resident and as a family man here, also give him insights that enable him to understand and address some of the most pressing challenges our students will encounter as they prepare to apply to many of the finest colleges abroad.
  • Eric Xu Native Chinese ESL TOEFL Teacher

    Eric Xue is the Chinese born English teacher of our school. He graduated with a master's degree in science from Manchester University in England, and has 5 years of experience teaching English and in preparing students for the TOEFL examination. From 2015 to 2017 Eric worked as a TOEFL listening, reading and oral English teacher at Hangzhou Global IELTS. From 2012 to 2014, he worked as an English teacher in Huang Gang Middle School in Guangzhou, where he consistently produced high marks from his students. Eric has a profound knowledge of English grammar and diction, and strong personal verbal communication skills; he is also very good at improving his students' learning abilities and their reasoning skills so they can more quickly grasp and utilize the essence of new knowledge.
  • Seegee AYE English Speaking Mathematics Teacher

    Seegee AYE, our mathematics professor, is a bi-lingual Chinese born Canadian. Professor AYE is an accomplished teacher of all mathematical subjects, including: mathematics, mechanics, statistics and advanced mathematics. He was a mathematical lecturer at Dawson College and Champlain College in Montreal, Canada for over two decades; and he was also a math instructor at The Hong Kong Lutheran Secondary School. Additionally, Mr. Aye taught A-Level programs in mainland China at the Nanjing Foreign Language School, Southern China Normal University, and others. Seegee graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, and Concordia University in Canada. He has earned a bachelor’s of engineering degree, a bachelor of arts degree, and a master’s degree in mathematics.
  • Pine Fang Native Chinese Mathematics Teacher

    Pine Fang is our Chinese born A-Level mathematics teacher. From 2012-2016 he was an A-level math teacher at The International Senior High School at Shenzhen University. Tim excelled there by successfully helping 30% of his students improve their grades by a full mark over the course of one year. Furthermore, between 80% and 90% of his mathematics and advanced mathematics students received A or A* grades. For many years, Tim was also responsible for preparing his students to successfully pass the STEP Entrance Examination for Cambridge University, and the MAT Entrance Examination for Oxford.
  • William Kulbicki Physics, and ESL Teacher

    William Kulbicki, a native speaker from England, teaches both English and physics at our school. William graduated from the University of Glamorgan in the United Kingdom with an honors degree in History and Philosophy in 2004. Mr. Kulbicki has also received post graduate physics certification through Open University in the UK, and has also achieved HSK level 5 in Chinese at Beijing Union University. Additionally, Mr. Kulbicki has acquired CELTA teaching accreditation, and CIE teaching certification in Physics at both the IGCSE and A level. Mr. Kulbicki brings over 10 years teaching experience with him, and has a passion for education, making him a highly valued member of our staff.
  • Justin Xie Native Chinese, Bi-lingual Physics Teacher

    Justin Xie is our school’s Chinese born teacher of physics. He graduated from the University of Nottingham in England. Justin has 8 years’ experience teaching within an international school setting. During 2015-2017 he taught at Guangzhou Kennedy School as a professor of IGCSE and A-level courses at the International Department of Physics and Mechanics. During the period of 2012-2015 Justin taught at U-Link College as an A-level and IG teacher, as a physical science teacher, and as an Oxford Physics Aptitude Test trainer. Justin is very conscientious and responsible in his work, is full of enthusiasm and has a strong sense of service as a teaching professional. He is proficient in English (IELTS 7.5) and is fond of music.