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Enrolment Object





Grade 9



Grade 10



Grade 11



Grade 12


A-level(A2) Other A-level International Students 25


International school students enrolled in the same period of study and at the same grade level as Chinese students are part of the national enrollment and are not restricted by the residence registration.

Entrance Examination Subjects and Times


Examination Subjects

Test Dates

Test Place

English, Mathematics

April 14th, May 26th, June 30th (9:00-12:00 a.m.)

Yinghua International School

Examination Room

Oral English Interview and Comprehensive Eligibility Interview


Two Forms of Admission: Independent Enrolment and Preferential Admission.

Exam Registration Confirmation

1. Preparing the Application Package

a. ID Card or household Registration or Passport

b. Three, one inch full-face photos with a blue background
c. Registration fee: 200 RMB
d. A completed registration form is required

2. Registration
Visit the school to fill out the registration form
School Address:Tangjiawan Xiangzhou District Zhuhai HIT Road No. 1 building branch
b. School Address
School phones:
0756-3639981, 0756-3639982

c. School Website:www.chooseurfun.com

Tuition & Fees


118000 RMB per school year includes: tuition, international registration fees and so on; but please note: all lodging fees, international examination fees, expedition, internship fees, overseas and summer camp fees, etc. are additional expenses that are not included in the tuition fee.

20000 RMB per year includes accommodations, campus insurance fees, textbook fees, school fees, examination fees, fees to expand the student’s international and domestic social experience, the student activity fee, all kinds of professional lecture costs; but does not include meals, weekend stay fees, summer camp, travels abroad, internships etc.


Application Scholarships


Students enrolled in our G1 program made up more than 85% of the students in the middle school entrance examination and received a scholarship award of 20000 RMB; overall more than 80% of the students taking the exam were awarded 10000 RMB.

All high school students scoring above the Yiben line in their college entrance examination scores are awarded 100000 RMB; Those scoring up to the Erben line are rewarded with an award of 50000 RMB.

G2 Students getting and A* in the international exam are awarded 10,0000 RMB scholarship reward; those receiving A in the examination receive a 50000 RMB award.


Enrollment Process


Consultation RegistrationExamination InterviewMatriculationPhysical ExaminationPayment and Entry


School time in spring :26th of Feb. 2018

School time in autumn:5th of Aug. 2018