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The Yinghua International School teaching strategy is very focused on producing excellent testing results. Each of our international exam focused courses is designed in two parts. Each foreign-teacher-led-course is reinforced by a second class that is taught by an expert Chinese teacher as well. This double configuration helps our students absorb their lessons more successfully. Perhaps most importantly, it also gradually introduces and helps the students accept and adapt to the western style of education and its teaching methods.


Our school's teaching management and curriculum has been developed from the senior education team of The Shenzhen International Exchange College. They have developed over many years an invaluable study program called the CourseMo LMS Teaching System. The CourseMo LMS Learning System provides affiliated schools, like ours, with the finest IGCSE/ A-level science course study materials available in China. The CourseMo system provides a database of questions and standard answers covering previous international examinations; and in doing so, students using it consistently score higher in IGCSE and A Level examination than others.


Yinghua International School has a professional guidance office to provide our students with information about the international university application process, and to further assist students in pursuing their studies abroad. That office is responsible for providing our students and parents with comprehensive updates on the young person’s high school promotion progress, visa application details, and all other aspects of assisting the students and parents in successfully navigating the overseas school application and visa process. After the first semester, the school counselors establish a personal profile for each student. Each profile includes the student’s personality characteristics, ambitions, hobbies, academic assessment details, career orientation, a college trajectory analysis, and a college entrance strategy designed to ensure that every student in Yinghua gets into their university of choice.

The Student Guidance Office introduces the students to the foreign university educational system, and the foreign study and visa policies of the countries that students want to study abroad in, such as: the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.; and it provides essential information regarding international examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

The Student Guidance Office objectively assesses each students' learning abilities, academic performance, their interests, and academic focus as well as their career goals. Using that data our counselors make well informed recommendations to the students regarding which schools and majors they will find most suitable. The office also provides our students with basic information on application searches, admissions requirements, application procedures, standard costs, etc... The office next guides students in preparing the relevant materials needed for their admission packages, and guides them through other procedures, such as: the payment of application fees, registration fees, tuition fees and other related expenses. Furthermore, the Student Guidance Office assists our students in the preparing their resumes and personal statements as well as all the visa materials required by the country that they arranged to study in. Finally, the office also assists our departing graduates in making travel arrangements necessary for their trips abroad.