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IGCSE & A-Level

International GCSEs are versions of the UK Ofqual regulated GCSEs, with content and assessment designed specifically for international learners. Designed to be engaging, internationally appropriate and of equivalent standard to the GCSE, our International GCSEs provide students with the skills and knowledge they will need to successfully progress to A Levels, onto university and into employment.
The General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level, or A Level , British education pattern, is available as an alternative qualification in other countries.
Most students study three or four A level subjects simultaneously during the two post-16 years (ages 16–18) in a secondary school as part of their further education.
A Levels are wildly recognized by many universities as the standard for assessing the suitability of applicants for admission in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and other countries as well.


We offer some featured courses for our students, like Golf, Tennis and STEAM etc. We believe everyone has some different features and potentials which could be developed, and students with the features, furthermore, can take vantage of it when they apply to colleges.


School pays attention to the teaching actual effect, outstanding teaching achievements, each international subjects were using Chinese and foreign teachers double match, one is to make students gradually accept and adapt to the western education concepts and teaching methods, 2 it is to rely on the senior Chinese teachers improve students' academic performance. To this end, the school teaching management adopted by shenzhen senior college of international exchange, teaching teacher team many years research and development, based on IGCSE/a-level course system of courseMo teaching system and the LMS courseMo LMS learning system.
The first-class international education school team
The first-class management team, advanced educational philosophy, thus make our school become the cradle of world famous universities
Relying on the Harbin institute of technology group's whole school education environment and resources, foster the pursuit of scientific elite talent
Match well of Chinese and western teaching staff, makes students better to fully complete the transition of the western education
According to the characteristics of the Chinese students build student management team, fully promote students' comprehensive quality
Pay attention to individualized education difference teaching, according to the students is tailored education planning